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Student services and support programs

Redbank Plains State School is committed to providing students with every opportunity for successful learning.  Data is used to identify specific learning needs within the student body.  Teachers in all classrooms at Redbank Plains State School differentiate the curriculum to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Learning Support

Redbank Plains State School is committed to identifying and supporting those students who struggle with the curriculum and have difficulty attaining the academic achievements of their peers. It is important to note that teachers at Redbank Plains State School differentiate the curriculum in all classrooms to ensure students are supported and work is at an appropriate level to meet each student’s needs.

Intervention programs based on students’ academic data are established each year and implemented at varying times. These programs are extensive; including programs such as extra assistance in Learning Support, Gifted and Talented, Guided Reading, Support a Reader, Intensive Jolly Phonics and Perceptual Motor Program.

Learning Support Teachers are based at our school to assist classroom teachers to identify and support children with special learning needs. When a child is having difficulties in one or more areas of their learning, the classroom teacher, in consultation with the child’s parents, will complete a referral to Student Support Services. The Committee will recommend the appropriate assessment procedures to identify the specific needs of the child.

Guidance Officer

Our guidance officer may work directly with the student or with the student's teachers, support personnel, family, other specialists, or professionals from other agencies depending on the issues to be resolved and the age of the student.  A range of issues may be supported by guidance officers including personal and social development, diverse learning styles and needs, and educational pathways.

The guidance officer may offer services in the form of psychometric assessment, counselling, behaviour management, social skilling and parenting assistance.

Guidance officers, whilst respecting client privacy and confidentiality, work as members of our support team and are committed to providing quality education services to enhance the educational opportunities for every young Queenslander regardless of their circumstances.

Referrals to the Guidance Officer are made through Student Support Services. Parents may contact the Guidance Officer directly, however, it is suggested that parents discuss the matter first with the class teacher or if necessary the Principal or Deputy Principal.